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Katebackdrop Blogs™is committed to be a photography resources aggregating center, working hard to give photographers & authors the best chance of showing works and talents. We accept photography articles, videos across all genres, with or without an agent, from all over the world. Whether you are a professional photgrapher, an amateur, a experienced backdrop user or a photography blogger, Katebackdrop Blogs™ want your tips and ideas. The review process may take up to 24—72 hours. We will send you a reply whether your submission has been approved or not.

What Katebackdrop Blogs™ is Looking For?

  • We’re looking for resources from: Professional Photographer, amateur photographer with a tip to share?
  • Do you have backdrop setup tips or DIY techniques you want to share and teach to others?
  • Are you interested in helping others with your photography tips, lighting use, DIY tutorials, post-processing techniques, etc?
  • Have you got a review of a backdrop, camera, lights, or any other photography gear?
  • Do You want to promote your Youtube channel or blogs about photography? Videos, articles, infographics, blog posts, any genre is welcomed.

If so we’d love to feature one or more of your photography & backdrop tips here on Katebackdrop Blogs.

What You Will Get by Your Submission?

  • You’re guaranteed that we will link back to your original source as well and provide proper credit to you. You will also achieve an exclusive “Author Bio” box that appears at the bottom of each post.
  • Discount code for all products from Katebackdrop;
  • The priority of testing new products;
  • Link to your posts, Youtube channels or social medias. Our website has thousands and thousands of daily traffic that can boost your traffic.
  • Morever, if your agree with that katebackdrop use your photos or video clips from your submission as a promotion, you will get discount codes or even free backdrops, and backlinks to you.

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If you are submitting a blog post, checking the following part will give Katebackdrop Blogs permission to republish the post as a guest post under your name.

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By submitting the above form, you agree to our Submission Disclaimers. Please review our Submission Disclaimers below:

  • Katebackdrop retains the right whether to publish your submission or not.
  • Katebackrop reserves the right to edit the information that is submitted including titles, descriptions and linking URLs.
  • If your infographic submission is accepted, you also grant Katebackdrop the right to share the post on Katebackdrop’s social media properties which may include Facebook, Youtube, etc.
  • Your submission requests are considered as “contributions” to Katebackdrop Blogs™. We will gladly link back to your original source as well and provide proper credit to you. Contributors contributors will achieve an “Author Bio” box that appears at the bottom of each post.
  • This is not a form to “advertise your business.” If your submission is not related to an actual photography post, Katebackdrop reserves the right to reject your submissions.


You can email the editor of Katebackdrop Blogs directly at:

Please make sure that all the posts, images or videos in your submission are your original works., otherwise you will the consequences alone.

Katebackdrop reserves the right to accept or reject guest post submissions.


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