Kate, a name synonymous with innovation and quality in the world of photography, emerged as a labour of love and dedication from its founder, David.

Established in 2013, this brand has swiftly risen to prominence, capturing the hearts of photography enthusiasts and professionals alike. Stemming from David's passion for photography and his unwavering pursuit of excellence, Kate Backdrop has become a beacon of ingenuity and craftsmanship in the backdrop industry, relentlessly committed to delivering user-friendly and cost-effective products.

Kate Backdrop has evolved into a global leader, transforming ordinary photographic experiences into extraordinary visual narratives.

Hi, my name is David, and I'm the founder of Kate Backdrop. In 2007, when I just graduated, I visited a foreign exhibition. I saw photography backdrops for the first time at this exhibition, and I was very optimistic about the development of the backdrop, which also started my long entrepreneurial road.

In 2013, I met Kate, and we fell in love, naturally. Kate is, amazingly, a photography enthusiast, though not as professional as a real photographer. She especially likes to photograph outdoor scenery, and I often accompany her to photograph. With the growth of our love, my career has also bloomed. In 2015, I registered my brand trademark under Kate's name.

Kate became pregnant two years later, and to give our newborn baby more company, we began to explore whether we could use realistic backdrops and props to shoot indoors like outdoors, and our newborn baby also became our 'prop.' In this process, the tonality and direction of the Kate Backdrop brand are laid – backdrops that look real and could level up your pictures.I have always insisted on taking the needs of my love Kate as the needs of Kate Backdrop's customers because I believe that only in real daily life can we dig out the most real and urgent needs of every one of you.

Brand Mission

  • Empower photographers on your creative journey.
  • Eliminate obstacles and barriers in photography.
  • Provide comprehensive support beyond backdrops.
  • Offer professional consulting and guidance.
  • Supply top-notch photography equipment.
  • Deliver expertise in post-production processes.
  • Amplify the impact and narrative of every photograph.
  • Transcend pixels and paper to craft timeless stories.
  • Be a steadfast partner in photographers' endeavors.
  • Enable photographers to capture life's essence through visuals.

Brand Vision

Kate Backdrop's ultimate goal is to transform the photography experience.

We aim to go beyond the usual boundaries and turn photography into a powerful storytelling tool. We offer a wide range of well- designed backdrops and services to support photographers throughout their creative journey, from equipment supply to post- production and beyond.

The brand envisions a seamless journey that propels photographers to new horizons of creativity. Kate Backdrop's vision is not just about capturing visuals but about creating a world where every photograph tells a compelling story that resonates with emotions, memories, and aspirations.

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